High demands on the quality of

Injection moulding toolmaking


Injection moulding

In the areas of injection molding and injection molding tool making, the industry makes high demands. Through the use of the latest technology, we offer dimensionally accurate plastic parts or components for further processing in our customers’ companies. The high precision of the components is our focus. Since the beginning of 2017, a mold flow analysis has been carried out as standard when designing injection molding tools. This enables an exact forecast of the course of the injection molding process and an optimization of the plastic parts in the validation and design phase.

High tech

State-of-the-art injection moulding machines from the world market leader ENGEL

The right solution

From prototyping to small series production to large-scale production

High capacity

machines with 25 tons as well as 90 tons clamping force are available

High quality

Standard implementation of a mouldflow as well as analysis in the design and construction of injection moulds, among others for housing parts, overmoulding of plugs and cables